Web Shop Management and Online Publishing

Everyone who does business online knows data quality is key to success. As well as being fast and easy to use, most importantly the data must be correct!


Catalogue processing.
A common problem; you decide to set up an online store and know it is essential to present your products well. All the necessary data is available somewhere, but it costs you a lot of time to get it correctly online. In this case outsourcing can be an excellent option.

DataMondial Web services process data from any source file to any platform, either indirectly by developing an import process or directly by entering straight into your system.

Catalogue enrichment.
We often see incomplete files from a supplier, maybe with images missing or with specifications that are incomplete. In these cases DataMondial can add the missing information; that’s catalogue enrichment, for which we have different solutions – both automated and manual – able to handle almost any request.

Catalogue management.
Managing changes in the catalogue is often time-consuming – consider for example price updates, inventory changes and product addition. If you’d like to outsource this type of work on a regular basis, we’d be pleased to discuss pricing options. Your catalogue is updated for a fixed monthly fee with no unpleasant surprises.

Online Publishing.
We have a team dedicated to monitoring campaigns and keeping up with clicks, impressions and earnings every day. Because where computer systems can’t help, that’s when our team of experienced operators takes over. Efficiently and economically.

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