Data validation for OCR, AI, machine learning

We can complement the services of IT companies specialising in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning. If it is not yet technically possible (or only partly so) to automate the processing of data, both text and images, we can assist your data processing. Human eyes and hands are still needed to feed computer systems with relevant training data and assess whether the output is correct.

Annotation, classification, extraction

Let your specialists focus on the substantive issues and put us in charge of the time-consuming, repetitive basic data tasks. Use DataMondial for annotation (e.g. labelling objects in images, video and documents), classification and extraction. Or for cleaning up, enriching, inputting and validating datasets.

What we can do for you

  • Processing machine learning training datasets (databases, spreadsheets, documents, images)
  • Validating the output of artificial intelligence systems
  • Cleaning up, enriching, inputting and validating datasets
  • Annotation (labelling objects in images, video, documents)
  • Editing images
  • Classification (assigning labels to values)
  • Data research (finding data points in online sources)
  • Extraction (extracting and entering numbers and text from images and documents)
  • Health checks (whether the data complies with various business rules)

This is just a selection of the data validation work we do. If you’re interested in the possibilities for your company, or a trial period, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our other services

DataMondial offers affordable customised services. We can support your business as part of your ongoing business process or on a per-project basis. Our remote team process your data safe and reliable in the European Union. We work according to strict SLAs, and we are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

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