Data management and optimisation

A database that is up to date is essential to the proper execution of your business processes. Collecting information is easy, but maintaining a good database takes time. Time you should rather not spend updating a database. Outsource the optimisation of your database to us, so your staff can focus on their core tasks. We have extensive experience with different types of databases, CRM systems and ERP systems.

What we can do for you

  • Updating and enriching customer contact data/database
  • Updating and maintaining CRM system
  • Updating and maintaining ERP system
  • Transferring/updating data from old to new software systems
  • Collecting current addresses, e.g. for GPS apps

We can work in any industry, as long as the work is (complex) repetitive. We do this on a project basis or as part of an ongoing process.

Interested about the possibilities for your company?

Our other services

Back-office outsourcing
Data processing
Data validation for OCR, AI, Machine Learning
Webresearch and content management