Invoice processing

Fast, cost-saving and accurate

You can achieve a lot of profit by outsourcing the processing of purchase invoices to us. We have experience in it! DataMondial can support all branches, as long as the work is repetitive (complex).

Processing purchase invoices can be fully or partially digitized / automated, but human intervention is needed somewhere in the process. DataMondial delivers excellent work there at low costs: scanning, data entry, converting to any format, such as UBL, XML, SQL etc.

DataMondial works for accountants, administration offices, purchasing combinations, (starting) companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

invoice processing

E-invoicing is the future

We can supply the output in any format such as UBL, XML, SQL, etc. You can read the invoices processed by us in AFAS, AccountView, Exact, Twinfiels, SAP or directly process them in your software system. Everything is possible.

This provides you with it

  • savings of 50 to 90% on an incoming invoice
  • efficiency and fast processing
  • saving on consultancy costs for the software
  • saving on license and investments in specific software
  • no peak load from your organization

How does it work

Step 1

Your purchase invoices and / or orders are scanned.

Step 2

We process the purchase invoices and / or orders digitally, according to your specifications.

back office outsourcing

Step 3

The documents are archived.

Step 4

The purchase invoices are delivered in the desired format: UBL, XML, SQL, CSV, XLS etc.

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