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Fast, affordable and accurate

You can leave processing of field marketing information to DataMondial with confidence. Information from various sources is digitally converted. This data is often enriched as well, e.g. with data from competitor product counts, ongoing price research or shelf space research.

Field marketing is a relatively expensive and therefore rare way to collect market information or generate a response. The diversity of information from merchandising research, price research and market intelligence research is collected on paper, in images or in the form of video recordings and processed digitally.
Our clients are A-brand clients, in the Netherlands and Germany, their marketing or research agencies and supermarkets.

What you get: time savings, space and focus for your core business, up to 50% cost savings and reliable data.

How it works


Step 1

Data entry: content and information is collected and entered.

Step 2

Output is determined in terms of format, delivery times and technical specifications.

back office outsourcing

Step 3

The processing process is monitored intensively to fine tune the workflow.

prelucrare date

Step 4

Optional: data checks, validation or enrichment.

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