CRM system maintenance

Reliable customer data

DataMondial relieves. For example, by maintaining your CRM system and keeping it up-to-date. You can outsource the administrative hassle around your customer database to DataMondial with confidence.

We have experience with many CRM systems and get the most out of your system. Relationship management stands or falls with good maintenance and good administration. Your sales team often has no time for that. Outsourcing to DataMondial creates space in your organization so that you can focus on core issues. This way your sales department can deal with acquisition and relationship management.

The 7 most common acts concerning CRM maintenance

  • Transfer customer data to new CRM system
  • Clean up and enrich the customer database
  • Enter customer reports in CRM system
  • Enter data from stock exchange forms and business cards and the like
  • Fill the suspect / prospect list
  • Web research into the most up-to-date listings of your target group
  • Research into relevant customer data in newspapers and magazines and include this in the action list

Extensive experience with CRM packages, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Basenet
  • Afas Software
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Archie
  • Exact
  • SAP

How you benefit

Time saving

Focus on your core business

Up to 50% cost savings

Reliable data

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