Outsourcing for small businesses

DataMondial can process your data competitively and flexibly

Even for small businesses, DataMondial can take care of all repetitive data processing. Think of:

  • filling your web shop with product specifications

  • filling and maintaining your CRM systems

  • filling your Excel sheets with data

  • processing your order entry

  • having your customer data entered into a system

  • processing your invoices

We create templates for a number of technology companies so that the systems can better read and ‘understand’ the information.

Our people are much more affordable than IT employees, which are also currently hard to find in Western Europe.

You get your ‘own’ dedicated team of 1 to 5 operators. Depending on the amount of work, we can of course easily upscale and downscale this.

How you benefit

Time saving

Focus on your core business

Up to 50% cost savings

Reliable data

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You will receive our quotation as soon as we have all relevant information from you.

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