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We take care of administrative work, data entry and operational (back office) processes.

Cost savings, flexibility and continuity

DataMondial makes doing business a lot easier for you. With a team growth of 8 to 300 employees in 11 years, we have set up an organization with the aim of offering customers continuity and operational excellence. You can save 40 to 50% on your back office costs. Moreover, DataMondial is ISO27001 certified and fully complies with GDPR / AVG. We work on the basis of agreements included in SLAs, based on timely and error-free delivery of the work.

Do you want to focus on your core activities? DataMondial relieves.

The back office and administrative activities vary from simpler data entry to taking over complex processes. As long as the work is repetitive (complex), we can work in any industry. DataMondial works for companies in the Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our clients include digitization companies, software and logistics service providers, retailers, marketing agencies, financial services companies.

  • Businesscase: Real-time order processing German wholesaler

    Customer | German wholesaler specialized in construction materials. Assignment | Order processing time of 1 to 2 hours, also during peak hours and with inconsistent order formats. Purpose | Real-time order processing. Approach | Complex instruction book as a working tool. Of course our team works directly in the customer's system. This customer has a very wide range: tools, fittings, hardware, fastening techniques, welding technology, garden tools, security technology and industrial technology, factory equipment. As a result, there is a wide variety of customers and there are inconsistent order formats. Tight agreed delivery times and order zip times make this process extra challenging. DataMondial has succeeded in meeting the processing time of 1 to 2 hours even in the rush hour. The customer is unburdened and can focus on the logistics delivery process, inventory management and procurement policy. We have been working for this German client since 2014.
  • Businesscase: Market research artisan bakeries

    Customer | artisan baker. Assignment | In-depth market research and current market intelligence on the artisan bakers market in a large European region. Purpose | Insight into contact information and assortment, plus company size and possible connection with a bakery chain. Approach | Internet research and call research. DataMondial provides structured information in accordance with required fields in advance. Accuracy and completeness are self-evident. An internet investigation requires the necessary reality check and validation with calling as an additional research method. The research format and the questionnaire are of course coordinated with the client in advance. The study was completed with a team of six after more than 5 months.

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Do you also find it difficult to find competent staff? The costs and risks are high, and you may have to process more data one week than the other. You can always come to DataMondial.

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Our customers experience up to 50% savings on their back office costs.

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