Back-office for logistics

DataMondial processes logistics documents for logistics service providers (forwarders, transport companies, shipping companies and shipbrokers). Simply consider us your remote back office.
We check and take care of all your documents.

Fully neutral and with guaranteed confidentiality.

back office outsourcing

DataMondial as a back-office BPO partner in logistics

Document processing for logistics service providers

How can you as a logistics service provider best serve your shipper? Your operational colleagues often encounter logistical administration. They have to process lots of logistical data in order to prepare a file properly. DataMondial can support your colleagues in the back office.

As a flexible remote back office, DataMondial processes all sorts of logistical documents for logistics service providers in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and the United Kingdom. We check and take care of all your documents in a fully neutral and guaranteed confidential way.

Benefits of back-office support by DataMondial:

  • Cost-savings and flexibilisation of your back-office costs.
  • Possibility to deliver in real time (24/7).
  • No issues with illness, long-term leave or peak loads.
  • You stay in complete control of your own processes.
  • ‘Your own’ (dedicated) remote department performs the work exclusively for you.
  • Well-trained and motivated (logistics) staff is sufficently available.
  • Optimal communication thanks to Dutch management/shareholding.

How can we serve you?

Logistics service providers outsource their back-office activities to DataMondial. We have extensive experience with various activities. What activities can DataMondial perform within your organisation?


  • Import / export documents
  • Shipping instructions
  • Checking and processing Bill of Lading
  • Check booking confirmations
  • Create multimodal transport orders
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities
  • LC check
  • Keeping track of shipping company quotes in tariff database


  • Processing data from the board computer
  • Performing subsequent calculations of the trips
  • Processing CMR
  • Processing packing lists
  • Processing loading lists
  • Creating Certificate of Origin
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities


  • Processing picking ordres
  • Entry / exit tickets
  • Order entry
  • Invoice processing
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities


  • Preliminary / subsquent calculations
  • Invoice processing
  • Checking incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Processing spreadsheets
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities
  • Businesscase: Large logistics service provider

    Customer | A large and highly efficient logistics service provider with offices in the European seaports. Assignment | Unburdening: taking over logistical back office activities. Purpose | Continuity and good quality of processes and (complex) files. Approach | A permanent team with a dedicated supervisor to guarantee continuity and quality. Our team takes over large quantities of processes and files. A few examples:
    • more than 26,000 shipping instructions
    • 9,000 import orders
    • 20,000 track & trace checks
    • 150,000 transport invoices checks
    • 5,000 train bookings
    • more than 80,000 container repair approvals
    A good solution at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain good logistics staff.
  • Businesscase: Bill-of-load documents for Rotterdam shipping company

    Customer | A medium-sized shipping company. Assignment | Processing bill or charge. Purpose | An error-free bill of charge processing that also achieves savings of 50%. Approach | First we processed a test batch of 500 bill of load. This shipping company is now outsourcing a number of shipping activities to DataMondial. We work with a dedicated team. The process is adjusted where necessary based on built-in evaluation moments. The customer now does not always have to invest time in targeted training with regard to staff turnover. DataMondial has taken over this training and ensures that the customer does not notice anything about staff turnover. Due to the flawless processing at the shipping company, the draft BL does not have to constantly go back and forth between forwarder and shipping company.

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