Our work

Claims handling for eSolutions provider

For a eSolutions provider in Germany, DataMondial processes vehicle damage claims to enable very fast reimbursement for policyholders.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Taking over back office activities for logistics service provider

For a large logistics service provider, DataMondial takes care of the logistics back-office activities to solve the staff shortage.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Order processing German wholesaler

For a German wholesaler specialised in construction materials, DataMondial performs real-time order processing to enable more focus on their core business.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Data entry competition research for retailer

For a retailer, DataMondial conducted competition research to help strengthen their position in the market.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Keeping shipment status up to date for logistics provider

For an international logistics provider, DataMondial keeps the status of shipments up to date. This optimises the logistical communication between customer and suppliers.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Digitising the archive Belgian bank

For a Belgian bank, DataMondial converted 7 million bank files into an accessible digital archive.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Data entry for flower producer price survey

For a flower producer, DataMondial processes flower prices from digital brochures for an optimal pricing strategy.
23 August 2022/by admin

Processing Bill of Lading documents for Rotterdam shipping company

For a medium-sized shipping company, DataMondial processes Bill of Lading documents resulting in cost savings of up to 50%.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk

Market research traditional bakeries

For an artisan bakery, DataMondial conducted an in-depth market research and current market intelligence regarding the traditional bakery market in a large European region.
23 August 2022/by sgroenendijk