At DataMondial the focus of order entry is on speed and quality.

DataMondial has years of experience with processing orders (order entry) for companies in various sectors.


As back office company, we understand better than anyone that speed and quality are important when processing orders from your customers. Your customer wants to receive his order as soon as possible. We process incoming orders quickly and inexpensively without expensive software, licensing and / or consulting fees. This way we unburden your customer support team, so they can focus on the customer and we do the job for you, fast and error free.

We can process orders “remote” in your system or we process it incorporate into our own system and send the orders back to your company in any format (CSV, XML, Excel, etc.). At this point your colleagues of customer service can take over again. Obviously, as “remote” back office, we are completely neutral and maximum confidentiality is guaranteed.

In our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and Romania are more than 280 experienced full time employees on hand to process your orders accurately, quickly and safely. The DataMondial document processing platform is an ideal combination of the latest IT technologies and our years of experience with complex data entry.

Benefits to let DataMondial do your order processing:

  • Demonstrable savings of at least 50% on the order processing costs
  • Efficiency and speed of processing
  • No license and consultancy costs
  • Low cost per order
  • No peak load of your organization


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DataMondial is mainly engaged in logistics, wholesale, retail and technology companies, but each company that processes 30 orders or more every day is of interest to us and we can give savings in order processing.

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