The logistics back office for the logistic service provider

As a logistic service provider you’re always looking to provide your shipper with the best possible service. We know that there is a lot of administration in logistics, and it can often be the case that your operational colleagues get stuck with the customer support work for the huge amount of logistics data entry required to prepare a file. We can help free-up these back office colleagues.

DataMondial provides logistics back office settlement of all logistics documents for a number of logistics service providers in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and the UK (forwarders, trucking companies, shipping companies and shipbrokers). We check and handle all your documents completely neutrally, and confidentiality is guaranteed. Think of us as your remote, highly flexible back office.

Benefits of Back Office Assistance by DataMondial:

  • Cost savings and flexibility for your back office
  • Real time delivery (24/7)
  • Staff illness, long-term leave or peak load issues are a thing of the past
  • You remain in full control of your processes
  • A dedicated team working remotely and exclusively for you
  • Well-trained highly-motivated (logistics) staff available
  • Western European management/ownership ensures optimal communication

At DataMondial we work according to our ‘Customer Contingency’ approach. This means your customers are unaware you have outsourced work to DataMondial. Confidentiality and neutrality are core values that are implemented throughout the organisation and application.


Logistics Back Office Work

    Freight forwarding

  • Import/export documents
  • Shipping instructions
  • Bill of lading control and processing
  • Checking booking confirmations
  • Creating multi-modal transport orders
  • Letter of Credit control
  • Documenting Quotations from carriers in Tariffs Database
  • All relevant logistics data entry work
  • Transport

  • Processing on-board computer data
  • Transport calculations
  • CMR processing
  • Packing and loading lists
  • Production of Certificate of Origin
  • All relevant logistics data entry work
  • Warehousing

  • Processing of picking orders
  • Inbound / Outbound order
  • Order entry
  • All relevant logistics data entry work
  • Financial

  • Pre/post calculations
  • Invoicing
  • Checking of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Processing of spreadsheets
  • All relevant logistics data entry work

This list is just part of the work we are able to handle for logistics service providers. Within your organisation there may well be other activities DataMondial is able to assist with, and we’d be pleased to discuss further with you. Just fill-in the contact form on the right and we’ll be in touch.


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