Keeping shipment status up to date

Logistic back-office support

For an international logistics provider in intermodal transport of different types of liquid and dry bulk products, DataMondial keeps the status of shipments up to date. Through live system updates, any unforeseen changes become known to all parties involved in real time. This optimises the logistical communication between customer and suppliers.

Our approach

Depending on the origin, destination and available routes, the appropriate modalities are chosen. Highly trained employees with in-depth process knowledge and a permanent team leader guarantee continuity and quality. Every day, we handle large volumes of logistics documents and e-mails, schedule changes, tracking and tracing. A few examples of what we process annually are:

  • 220.000 items in the mailbox
  • 50.000 Track & Trace checks
  • 2.200 scheduled updates
  • 14.000 booking confirmations

DataMondial offers business continuity and cost savings. No matter how optimal the automation is, logistics back-office experts are still needed.

More information

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