Invoicing: Fast, easy and accurate.

There is much to be gained with a streamlined, accurate and rapid invoicing process for accounting, administration offices and businesses.

Efficient invoice processing, for a very competitive per-invoice cost.

A great way to generate your invoices with no expensive software and with low labour costs. DataMondial UBL CONVERT transforms your invoices cost-effectively into a standard UBL format which can readily be imported by established accounting software such as AFAS, Accountview, Exact, Twinfiels, SAP, etc.

How easy is it?

  • Save 60-90% on an incoming invoice
  • Efficient, fast processing
  • No consultancy costs for software
  • No license fees or other costs for particular software
  • No peak load issues for your organisation

Try us out to experience the convenience and benefits.

Invoices are scanned, then processed by DataMondial to your specifications. The data is returned to you in the preferred format (UBL, XML, SQL, CSV, XLS, etc.) and can then be easily uploaded into your own system. The output can be read by any financial package.

DataMondial helps you to process incoming invoices without the need for license fees, investment in expensive software or consultancy costs.

While the handling of invoices and other documents can be largely digitised and/or automated, at some point human intervention is needed whether in scanning, processing or archiving. This is where DataMondial can provide excellent support at significantly reduced cost.

The service provided by DataMondial in the validation and processing of data following the scanning and OCR process is unique, ensured by our team of over 280 full-time employees.

We pick up where OCR leaves off

Even if an OCR system recognises multiple fields/lines on your invoice, there remain fields or rules that must be validated or imported by a person. That’s where DataMondial’s invoice service can assist, our experience allowing us to offer the highest quality of service. DataMondial is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and operates under the ISAE 3402 standard.

Our 100%-degree-qualified employees are flexible, motivated and experienced, all being extensively trained in DataMondial’s own training centre before they start in operations. This training lasts from one to three months, depending on the individual’s role.

Even if you’re unable to digitise documents yourself, we can help as we collaborate with outstanding partners possessing excellent capabilities in this area.

As a leading European back office services provider, DataMondial has great experience in document processing – this is after all our core business.


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