An additional service that’s available to your advertisers and increases sales for you.

Response and increased sales are what we all strive for. With the rapid developments in the world of advertising, tried and tested methods can sometimes get overlooked. The reply card in magazines is a good example. That’s unfortunate, because it’s a proven technique that draws good response levels, is simple and easy to use and fits perfectly with print media. The only problem with this method is that response processing is labour-intensive and therefore expensive. However, we offer a great solution that makes the reply card profitable again.


We’re able to make the handwritten information provided on reply cards available to the participating advertisers digitally. The result is that – with no additional concerns on your part – you can provide your advertisers with a valuable additional service.

The reply card can take many forms, such as a leaflet, address label, part of an exhibition catalogue, or – for example where several people may read the magazine – a perforated sheet with six cards.

The information requested on the card and how this information is to be processed can also vary. The design is unique to your company. We prefer to discuss with you how to optimise layout of the reply card to obtain both the best response and best processing. Subsequent activities are as follows:

  • Receipt of cards.
  • Sorting and scanning.
  • Processing the information.
  • Digital delivery of the information to the various advertisers (with each advertiser receiving only the information relevant to them) and seamless connection to any CRM system
  • An overview of all advertisers will be sent to the publisher.
  • A daily or weekly output report can be supplied upon request.

If preferred the contact information shown can be that of DataMondial, allowing the card to be processed immediately so that the advertiser can respond quickly to the request.

DataMondial’s response processing modules offer high return for little outlay. For you as a publisher, this means increased sales with minimal cost and effort while your advertisers benefit from a value-enhancing extra channel in addition to the ad that they place.


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