DataMondial ensures you, the retailer, can focus on what really matters: your customers!

DataMondial can help you keep 100% focus on your customer by taking over that important but “distracting” work.

  • Processing customer data in CRM systems.
  • Checking and optimising mailing list / customer data.
  • Processing responses to your marketing campaign.
  • Validating website registration data.
  • Follow-on administration.
  • Incoming invoice processing.
  • Catalogue Management for webshops.


Data entry and processing is work that demands experience and accuracy. It isn’t something that can be done casually – that can have serious consequences for the output and data analysis that you create. In addition, validating information, such as postal and email addresses, is very important since incorrect entries directly cost money and goodwill.

Our service provides experience, accuracy, quality, and convenience and can save you on average 50% on labour costs.

Simply fill-in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the savings you can make with DataMondial whilst also ensuring the quality of data processing.
Edwin Propsma, Director DataMondial
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