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More than 50 clients in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

DataMondial works for many renowned companies/industries where (complex) repetitive data is processed. Think of retailers, logistics service providers, insurers, purchasing agencies, travel organisations, IT service providers and service companies that work for these companies.

We remotely process data on direct behalf of financial, operational, administrative, HR, IT and marketing departments of large to medium-sized businesses.

  • What a relief. Win-win!

    "With over 700 destinations through lots of ports, it is quite a challenge to draw up all logistics files properly and on time. Lots of variables play a part, such as legislation, tariffs, shipper and carrier systems. After a pilot with DataMondial, we were convinced that they could properly process our documents within just two weeks. We started in 2015. We then together described the process in a work instruction for the remote team in Romania. The process manager of DataMondial was very helpful in this. More than three years later, we are relieved of drawing up around 20,000 transactions (approximately 30 different logistics back-office activities) per month. Very accurate, with excellent delivery times and insight into the process. Our own staff in Rotterdam and Antwerp can focus on customer service and quality instead of administrative work. A win-win situation!"
    , Operations manager for Rotterdam logistics service provider
  • Remote back office works, thanks to DataMondial

    "We went for a Proof of Concept with DataMondial and were curious about the rates and especially about the quality. Our Operational Manager was fairly reluctant about this. But as it turns out: DataMondial does understand how things work in logistics! Of course, some fine-tuning with our own logistics experts was needed, but we are extremely happy with the decision to opt for a remote back office. We no longer need to worry about finding and retaining good back-office staff. A load off our shoulders. After a one-off training provided by us, DataMondial further trains its own team for our activities. And we can focus on our customers!"
    , Manager shipping company
  • Happy with quality, method and delivery times from DataMondial

    "In 2017 we joined forces with the DataMondial remote back-office team. The scope of our outsourcing assignment was complex and there were major challenges. As a B2B company, we have to adhere to strict SLAs. The biggest challenge is in the delivery time of a maximum of two hours that should match the SLAs of our customers. The number of orders cannot always be predicted, there are quite a few fluctuations. We are very pleased with the quality, method and delivery times of DataMondial."
    Hugo D. , Financial Manager "Wholesale for Corporate Clients" Gmbh
  • Impressed by the speed!

    "We are impressed by the fast acting of DataMondial. Our customer loyalty program and customer survey provide around 60,000 completed reply cards per year. Mid 2019 we made contact with a number of possible data entry partners. DataMondial emerged head and shoulders, thanks to the no-nonsense attitude and communication. The tender rolled out with a few scanned examples. We deliver the reply cards in batches per courier, DataMondial delivers the databases digitally. The process started within two weeks. If only I had known this service sooner!"
    Maya M. , Senior account manager media agency Utrecht
  • We found experience and flexibility at DataMondial

    "In 2013, we were asked by a bank to digitize the personnel archive. Because automated recognition never works 100%, we started looking for a partner to perform the data validation, enrichment and entry on an ongoing basis. We were looking for experience, reliability and flexibility. We found that at DataMondial. The company is equipped for this type of remote work. The assignment lasted five years and was delivered satisfactorily, thanks in part to DataMondial."
    Eric P. , CEO scanning company the Netherlands
  • Businesscase: Real-time order processing German wholesaler

    Customer | German wholesaler specialized in construction materials. Assignment | Order processing time of 1 to 2 hours, also during peak hours and with inconsistent order formats. Purpose | Real-time order processing. Approach | Complex instruction book as a working tool. Of course our team works directly in the customer's system. This customer has a very wide range: tools, fittings, hardware, fastening techniques, welding technology, garden tools, security technology and industrial technology, factory equipment. As a result, there is a wide variety of customers and there are inconsistent order formats. Tight agreed delivery times and order zip times make this process extra challenging. DataMondial has succeeded in meeting the processing time of 1 to 2 hours even in the rush hour. The customer is unburdened and can focus on the logistics delivery process, inventory management and procurement policy. We have been working for this German client since 2014.
  • Businesscase: Data-entry competition research in the retail sector

    Customer | Retailer. Assignment | The question is complex: Facing and shelf space / number of products / shelf share per product type, subdivided per brand. Continuous monitoring of weekly product and brand promotions. Purpose | Insight into competitive position, product and brand promotions and timely marketing information. Approach | In collaboration with a field marketing agency, we deliver high-quality detailed merchandising and competition research and insights for our customers in the retail sector. We convert content information into clear, weekly reports using shelves photos taken in hundreds of supermarkets. This is partly done in spreadsheets and partly directly in the customer's system. We report in accordance with the agreed format. As a result, the marketing manager has accurate, timely and action-oriented information of commercial value.
  • Businesscase: Data entry of ongoing price research for flower producer

    Customer | Beautiful Blooming Blossom - BBB (the name is fictional). BBB is a flower producer with Dutch retailers as the largest market. Assignment | Entering data of prices of flowers that are used by consumers in many brochures in the Netherlands and Germany Purpose | Optimal pricing strategy and adaptation to market dynamics. Approach | To optimize its pricing strategy, BBB is constantly researching the price development. Hundreds of retail prices come in via an app as images of flower arches. DataMondial has access to the information in the app. We do the data entry of the price information as well as management reports and dashboards according to SLAs. DataMondial provides almost real-time information and a lean-and-mean way for this producer to continuously and optimally adjust the price structures to market dynamics.
  • Businesscase: Market research artisan bakeries

    Customer | artisan baker. Assignment | In-depth market research and current market intelligence on the artisan bakers market in a large European region. Purpose | Insight into contact information and assortment, plus company size and possible connection with a bakery chain. Approach | Internet research and call research. DataMondial provides structured information in accordance with required fields in advance. Accuracy and completeness are self-evident. An internet investigation requires the necessary reality check and validation with calling as an additional research method. The research format and the questionnaire are of course coordinated with the client in advance. The study was completed with a team of six after more than 5 months.
  • Businesscase: Large logistics service provider

    Customer | A large and highly efficient logistics service provider with offices in the European seaports. Assignment | Unburdening: taking over logistical back office activities. Purpose | Continuity and good quality of processes and (complex) files. Approach | A permanent team with a dedicated supervisor to guarantee continuity and quality. Our team takes over large quantities of processes and files. A few examples:
    • more than 26,000 shipping instructions
    • 9,000 import orders
    • 20,000 track & trace checks
    • 150,000 transport invoices checks
    • 5,000 train bookings
    • more than 80,000 container repair approvals
    A good solution at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain good logistics staff.
  • Businesscase: Bill-of-load documents for Rotterdam shipping company

    Customer | A medium-sized shipping company. Assignment | Processing bill or charge. Purpose | An error-free bill of charge processing that also achieves savings of 50%. Approach | First we processed a test batch of 500 bill of load. This shipping company is now outsourcing a number of shipping activities to DataMondial. We work with a dedicated team. The process is adjusted where necessary based on built-in evaluation moments. The customer now does not always have to invest time in targeted training with regard to staff turnover. DataMondial has taken over this training and ensures that the customer does not notice anything about staff turnover. Due to the flawless processing at the shipping company, the draft BL does not have to constantly go back and forth between forwarder and shipping company.
  • Businesscase: Archiving Commission Belgian bank

    Customer | Belgian bank. Assignment | Convert 7 million bank files to digital archive. Purpose | effortless digital access to every account in the digital archive. Approach | In 2013-2014 we have set up a team of 13 to carry out a major dematerialization assignment. The challenge was in the work volume and in the transition from information 100% on paper to 100% as a digital archive. The bank wanted digital access to the information already processed. Therefore, file indexation was part of a method that was not only focused on volume and quality, but also on the continuous tracing of progress.

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