Scanning companies / Digitisation

Scanning companies / Digitisation

DataMondial is often chosen as a preferred partner by scanning/digitisation companies.
You can certainly outsource large digitisation assignments to DataMondial, especially if they require data entry or an addition/check for OCR. Where scanning and recognition of the documents is not conclusive, DataMondial fills the gaps. Think of data enrichment and semi-automatic validation.

We often work directly in the (end) client’s systems. This is an efficient and cost-saving practice. Our team has experience with many (international) documents and with most (inter)national validation software, such as Abbyy and Readsoft.

What can you count on?

Confidentiality, and anonymity

DataMondial guarantees confidentiality and anonymity for our partners and their clients.

GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified

DataMondial meets the European standards and legislation when it comes to customer data and its processing.

Operational excellence

We do everything we can to meet clients’ wishes. Including those of your client, the end client.

Sufficient capacity

Sufficient capacity available to process the project in time

Where can we be of service?

The end clients are often major companies in various industries, from large companies to municipalities and from banks and insurers to retailers and large tour operators. Some examples for inspiration:

Personnel files

Insurance files

Financial files


Surveys and forms

Data entry projects

Invoice processing

Order processing

  • We found experience and flexibility at DataMondial

    "In 2013, we were asked by a bank to digitize the personnel archive. Because automated recognition never works 100%, we started looking for a partner to perform the data validation, enrichment and entry on an ongoing basis. We were looking for experience, reliability and flexibility. We found that at DataMondial. The company is equipped for this type of remote work. The assignment lasted five years and was delivered satisfactorily, thanks in part to DataMondial."
    Eric P. , CEO scanning company the Netherlands

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