Outsourcing back office for logistics

Als logistiek dienstverlener wilt u uw verladers optimaal bedienen. Maar de logistieke administratie is tijdrovend. Eigenlijk moet uw logistiek expert zich bezighouden met de lading en niet met de logistieke data-entry. Daar is hij/zij ook te duur voor. DataMondial werkt als backoffice-assistent voor uw logistiek expert, zodat die alle aandacht heeft voor de customer service.

As a BPO partner for logistics, DataMondial processes all sorts of logistics documents and processes.

Forwarders, transport companies, shipping companies and shipbrokers are our logistics clients in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and the UK.

We are a flexible remote back office. Neutrality, confidentiality and quality are our core values.


Experience in logistics



Cost savings of up to 50%

Logistical processes

Our knowledge and experience covers the administrative processes of all specialisms within the logistics sector.


  • Import/export documents
  • Shipping instructions
  • Checking and prcessing Bill of Lading
  • Check booking confirmations
  • Create multimodal transport orders
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities
  • Checking LC
  • Keeping track of shipping company quotes in tariff database


  • Processing data from the board computer
  • Performing subsequent calculations of the trips
  • Processing CMR
  • Processing packing lists
  • Processing loading lists
  • Creating Certificate of Origin
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities


  • Processing picking orders
  • Entry/exit tickets
  • Order-entry
  • Processing invoices
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities


  • Preliminary/subsequent calculations
  • Invoice processing
  • Processing incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Processing spreadsheets
  • All relevant logistics data entry activities
  • Remote back office works, thanks to DataMondial

    "We went for a Proof of Concept with DataMondial and were curious about the rates and especially about the quality. Our Operational Manager was fairly reluctant about this. But as it turns out: DataMondial does understand how things work in logistics! Of course, some fine-tuning with our own logistics experts was needed, but we are extremely happy with the decision to opt for a remote back office. We no longer need to worry about finding and retaining good back-office staff. A load off our shoulders. After a one-off training provided by us, DataMondial further trains its own team for our activities. And we can focus on our customers!"
    Jan H. , Logistics manager for Dutch shipping company
  • What a relief. Win-win!

    "With over 700 destinations through lots of ports, it is quite a challenge to draw up all logistics files properly and on time. Lots of variables play a part, such as legislation, tariffs, shipper and carrier systems. After a pilot with DataMondial, we were convinced that they could properly process our documents within just two weeks. We started in 2015. We then together described the process in a work instruction for the remote team in Romania. The process manager of DataMondial was very helpful in this. More than three years later, we are relieved of drawing up around 20,000 transactions (approximately 30 different logistics back-office activities) per month. Very accurate, with excellent delivery times and insight into the process. Our own staff in Rotterdam and Antwerp can focus on customer service and quality instead of administrative work. A win-win situation!"
    Piet W. , Operations manager for Rotterdam logistics service provider

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