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It has been a hectic year for logistics service providers, the way of working and organizing has changed drastically. Previously unimaginable scenarios are implemented today in an instant to make companies withstand in an unpredictable market. One of the keys here is to reduce and adjust costs based on your order size. The target; “No orders = no costs”.

Lockdown: where do companies stand at the moment?

Recent events have prepared the ICT infrastructures of logistics service providers at high speed to enable remote working. Teams try to run important operational processes from home as much as possible and, for the time being, ensure that the communication remains up to date through online meetings. This happens while order volumes fall and rise unpredictably. In some cases, aid measures help companies to absorb these fluctuations within their order volume. In other cases, companies use their reserves. Ending such a situation demands scalable and future-proof solutions.

What now?

The question is whether we will go back to the situation before 2020 at all. That is why, now more than ever, there is a need for complete flexibility in the logistic process. There is a strong need to link costs directly to the increasing or decreasing order volume, without having to scale up and down important knowledge carriers.


Traditional solutions are not without risks

Previously, automation and temporary workers were the most obvious solutions to make costs more flexible. Today, there is a greater need for solutions that immediately have a cost-saving effect without calling on the liquidity of the organization. In addition, companies are more aware that the distance between co-workers has made the knowledge transfer to the new temporary workers more complex. In short, there is a need for solutions where costs can be reduced immediately, with minimal investments, where knowledge is guaranteed to ensure the survival of organizations.

Business Process Assistance

DataMondial has developed Business Process Assistance (BPA) especially for companies that want to maintain control over their processes and systems with maximum flexibility and cost reduction. BPA is offered for all major daily repetitive operations within service level, performed by a logistics team of trained data specialists. You only pay for output (actual actions), so no orders = no costs. Thanks to this unique service, you can give your best knowledge carriers a new role within your organization, where they act as process owners. All this without adjustments to your current systems and working methods and at a 60% lower cost with a continuity guarantee. BPA is a proven and easy to implement solution that really functions as the flexible shell to absorb the fluctuation in your order book. BPA is a proven and easy to implement solution that really functions as the flexible shell to absorb the fluctuation in your order book. The processes ran smoothly. DataMondial also unburdened its customers during the corona time.

Start saving with flexibility right away!

Your organization had to make many adjustments to keep everything moving? Then this is the ideal time to use this effort as a basis to implement your next set of measures. In this context, DataMondial makes its experts available free of charge to implement your first BPA process.

Contact 010-4421878 or send an email to to speak directly to one of our logistics process experts. Our expert will immediately give you concrete examples of labor-intensive activities within your organization that lend themselves perfectly to the Business Process Assistance of DataMondial. Together we ensure that you no longer have to worry about the costs & continuity of your logistics repetitive administrative tasks.

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About DataMondial

DataMondial has gained a lot of experience in the past 10 years in completely unburdening more than 30 logistics service providers in the field of logistics information and data processing. From an ISO 27001 secured environment, 300 data specialists update the logistics systems daily. This is done for all modules known by the logistics chain. Via the Pick and choose concept, from four core competence centers, DataMondial can support the administrative processing within the entire Order to Cash process of your organization.

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