10 years of full confidence as an outsourcing partner, back office and data processing

Trust has been the basis of our collaboration with the entrepreneur for ten years. Ultimately, it is the entrepreneurs who entrust their data and back office to us as outsourcing partners. Read more.

Sometimes such a bond is already formed with a process engineer who visits our clients. On site, this specialist assesses whether processes can be optimized. And if a customer responds with: “We had good insight into where the waste was in the process and what a better design of the data stream was,” then we are also satisfied.

Be close to the entrepreneur

To build trust, we visit our clients. That is the way to put ourselves well in the organization. To ensure that that confidence remains, we devised everything in our working method. With DataMondial it is the details that count.

Checklist outsourcing partner

Because DataMondial wants clients of our services to be able to rely on it, we have already met these criteria as an outsourcing partner for ten years. They are drawn up in this checklist.


  • meets all European norms, standards and regulations
  • meets all requirements and laws regarding data security, think of GDPR
  • is ISO 27001 certified
  • has its own IT support for customers on location
  • works under a non-disclosure agreement
  • 100% neutral back office
  • offers on-site support to clients
  • actively participates in process optimization processes
  • works on the basis of Service Level Agreements
  • we offer specified insight and reports on the processes

For us it is essential to continue to comply with that checklist. You must not only gain trust, but also keep it. For this, the entrepreneur must be able to rely on us leaving nothing to chance.

Our vision

In the past decade, the approach has been to be the outsourcing partner that entrepreneurs can rely on. We are flexible without compromising on quality. As an entrepreneur you have that flexible shell for the back office, but we work with a permanent team that effortlessly succeeds each other in the event of an unexpected absence.

DataMondial combines a high-quality service (operational excellence) at a competitive price. And in the meantime you save 50% per workplace. Does this sound like an interesting proposal for your company?

Then contact via: 010-4421878