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Data entry outsourcing: 50% cost savings, safe and accurate

Do you want to keep the focus on your business processes?

In our European Shared Service Center we get started with the input and processing of content from images, paper / digital documents or with other systems. Our customers include logistics service providers, marketing agencies, publishers, service companies (retail, insurers, financial service providers), municipalities, purchasing organizations, etc.
We work for Dutch, Belgian, German, Swiss and Austrian clients.

Which data-entry projects can we help you with?

A selection of the assignments we offer as an experienced remote partner:

  • short-term and long-term data entry projects
  • project-based or as part of an ongoing administrative process
    supplement paper / digitized archives
  • archiving, indexing, categorizing and possibly copying or enriching information
  • clean up databases and master data
  • Businesscase: Data-entry competition research in the retail sector

    Customer | Retailer. Assignment | The question is complex: Facing and shelf space / number of products / shelf share per product type, subdivided per brand. Continuous monitoring of weekly product and brand promotions. Purpose | Insight into competitive position, product and brand promotions and timely marketing information. Approach | In collaboration with a field marketing agency, we deliver high-quality detailed merchandising and competition research and insights for our customers in the retail sector. We convert content information into clear, weekly reports using shelves photos taken in hundreds of supermarkets. This is partly done in spreadsheets and partly directly in the customer's system. We report in accordance with the agreed format. As a result, the marketing manager has accurate, timely and action-oriented information of commercial value.
  • Businesscase: Data entry of ongoing price research for flower producer

    Customer | Beautiful Blooming Blossom - BBB (the name is fictional). BBB is a flower producer with Dutch retailers as the largest market. Assignment | Entering data of prices of flowers that are used by consumers in many brochures in the Netherlands and Germany Purpose | Optimal pricing strategy and adaptation to market dynamics. Approach | To optimize its pricing strategy, BBB is constantly researching the price development. Hundreds of retail prices come in via an app as images of flower arches. DataMondial has access to the information in the app. We do the data entry of the price information as well as management reports and dashboards according to SLAs. DataMondial provides almost real-time information and a lean-and-mean way for this producer to continuously and optimally adjust the price structures to market dynamics.
  • Businesscase: Archiving Commission Belgian bank

    Customer | Belgian bank. Assignment | Convert 7 million bank files to digital archive. Purpose | effortless digital access to every account in the digital archive. Approach | In 2013-2014 we have set up a team of 13 to carry out a major dematerialization assignment. The challenge was in the work volume and in the transition from information 100% on paper to 100% as a digital archive. The bank wanted digital access to the information already processed. Therefore, file indexation was part of a method that was not only focused on volume and quality, but also on the continuous tracing of progress.

Why DataMondial?

Secure data entry

DataMondial guarantees correct document processing that meets all requirements of European legislation (GDPR). We have our own branches in the European member states.

We convert speed and quality into KPIs. We work under strict SLAs.

In addition to IT

DataMondial uses IT solutions as much as possible. Where automation stops, DataMondial goes further.

Sometimes an IT solution is not sufficient or not profitable. Then our back office team offers a solution.

We make professional use of validation tools, for example for birth dates, addresses, telephone numbers, emails and bank account information. The coverage of these additional validation tools applies to at least Dutch, Belgian, Austrian and German databases. All the tools are GDPR proof.

Up to 50% cost savings

We unburden our European customers. They have been coming to us for ten years for quality and also time and cost savings of up to 50%. A quotation is easily requested through a pilot / Proof of Concept.

DataMondial has competitive rates, delivers quality and works in accordance with European legislation (GDPR / AVG). Other benefits of DataMondial:

  • unburdening in the event of staff shortage, illness or long-term leave
  • dealing with work peak loads
  • possibility of real-time delivery (24/7)
  • complete control over your own processes
  • exclusive attention from ‘your own’ (dedicated) highly skilled team
  • optimal communication due to Dutch management / shareholding

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