Your partner in data entry and back office outsourcing

We are the remote back office for more than 50 clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

What we do

We take over operational and administrative processes, from simple data entry to very complex back office activities. We handle activities such as (though not limited to) data entry, invoice and order processing, validation, optimization and enrichment of databases, systems and all administrative / operational activities. We have branches in Benelux, Germany and Romania.

Savings of up to 50 percent are feasible.

Accurate, cost-saving and according to European (privacy) legislation.

For whom?

We generally work for any sector that has (complex) repetitive data entry or back office processes.
Our clients include financial service providers, digitization companies, software agencies, market research and marketing agencies, insurers, logistics service providers, wholesalers and retailers.

We work for clients in the Benelux, Romania, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Why DataMondial

DataMondial processes all data, from complex to simple.
You can count on us to deliver top quality, speed and efficiency.

DataMondial has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and three shared service centers in Romania.
Our operational team in Romania consists of more then 300 highly skilled, full-time employees.
DataMondial is organized in specialized departments.

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